Friday, September 24, 2010

TXSeries Region restart taking long time than expected???

TXSeries Region restart taking long time than expected???

             If TXSeries CICS region is stopped with -f option or if a transaction using SFS server file terminates abnormally and started with StartType=cold option, then one of the possible reason for starting the region taking long time than expected can be open file descriptors if region is configured with SFS server. Even the region is stopped forcefully, some times the OFDs related to that region still remain open.

             For checking the open file descriptors for a specific region perform following operation
sfsadmin list ofds -server /.:/cics/sfs/<sfs server Name> |grep <region Name>

             A file can become unavailable if it is not appropriately closed. For instance, if a client of an SFS server terminates abnormally, files that were exclusively opened by the client may remain open, preventing access by other users. While restarting the region, for each file it will wait. Depending on number of open file descriptors, the region start will wait for that much time.

             You can terminate the ofds using following command

sfsadmin terminate ofd -server /.:/cics/sfs/<sfs server Name> <ofd number>

             For more information on OFD, check

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