Thursday, September 16, 2010

Resolving hostname issue in UNIX Platforms

A very common stop point when configuring a region on HPIA and other unix machines for any tests is the hostname issue. There are many a instance when your configuration searches for hostname and gets a "-s" or you get a blank space or you miss checking for it. The hostname represents the dns name of that machine in the network. This hostname is used in multiple places, for instance, for setting default SFS server name.

The following is the console log usually found when there is no hostname declared and region fails to start:

ERZ010144I/0375 09/06/10 14:35:11.313616000 ISCPTF02 22554/0001 : Application server 102 started
ERZ044012E/0023 09/06/10 14:35:11.317421000 ISCPTF02 22553/0001 : Unable to convert TCP/IP host name '' into a network adapter address for LD entry 'TCP'. Error number was 2.
ERZ044009E/0010 09/06/10 14:35:11.319621000 ISCPTF02 22553/0001 : CICS listener 'TCP' process 'cicsip' start was unsuccessful
1 22552 10/09/06-14:35:11.458937 6c1c041c T ppc_tcpSockInit: gethostbyname error: -s not found
1 22552 10/09/06-14:35:11.459940 0000000c T /cics/FSB/encsrc/src/ppc/tcp/ppc_tcpSock.c 869

ERZ010040I/0055 09/06/10 14:35:11.460257000 ISCPTF02 22552/0001 : CICS control process 'cicsas' terminated
1 22554 10/09/06-14:35:11.464153 6c1c041c T ppc_tcpSockInit: gethostbyname error: -s not found
1 22554 10/09/06-14:35:11.464635 0000000c T /cics/FSB/encsrc/src/ppc/tcp/ppc_tcpSock.c 869
ERZ010040I/0055 09/06/10 14:35:11.464837000 ISCPTF02 22554/0001 : CICS control process 'cicsas' terminated

Steps to resolve the issue:

1. Go to sam (type "sam") in command line for HPIA , similarly, if its AIX, type smitty.
2. Select networks and communications and then goto hosts
3. There, it will show you suggested names and the current names. Now modify as required and save the configuration. Now your hostname must be displayed.

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