Monday, September 6, 2010

Getting around starting woes

If you're doing a fresh installation of TXSeries on a machine i.e., the first time TXSeries is being installed on that machine you might hit a couple of issues.

NLSPATH or LANG isn't set

For example, when you try to start/create a region using the command :
"cicscp -v start region XYZ StartType=cold"

You are likely to see this message :
ERZ057001E/00xx: Cannot access message catalog for message ERZ038038I
Please check if NLSPATH or LANG variable is set

This happens because the LANG environment is set to "C" by default, since there is multiple language support with TXSeries and the user has to set this variable.
Also, we need to verify if the path that contains the directory (catalog) that contains CICS messages. This is usually found in this path : /msg/ or /usr/lpp/cicssm/msg ( /opt/lpp/cicssm/msg for non AIX )


Another issue that you may hit is when we try to start a region/sfs for the first time, you may see SFS_NO_SUCH_FILE_SYSTEM where even though the sfs server exists, it fails to start.
In this case, we need to stop the sfs server and do a cold start.

Stop : cicscp -v stop sfs_server sfsSeverName
Cold Start: cicscp -v start sfs_server sfsSeverName StartType=cold

(Warning : Cold starting an sfs server will erase user's files and TDQs. Never cold start an sfs server in the middle of a production environment )

More on ERZ038255E :

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