Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Four Easy steps to Configure TXSeries Region with DB2

If you are going to use TXSeries with DB2 but not sure how to start that systematically,no worry...just follow simple steps mentioned below and it's done...

1)Configure the region-

First of all create a region (say test) by "cicscp -v create region test" and Set the CICSREGION environment variable to the name of the region.

Add the following entries corresponding to created region like-

cicsadd -c td -r $CICSREGION UXA1 ProgName="UXA1C" to add transaction entry definition

cicsadd -c pd -r $CICSREGION UXA1C PathName="uxa1" to add program entry definition

2) Build the programs.

Compile your C program and put it in your region's bin directory. I am assuming here that your program executable name is "uxa1" same as used in above PD entry addition commands.

3) Enable the XA connection.

The XA standards define the interfaces between the transaction manager, application program, and the resource manager to achieve the two-phase commit in a DTP(Distributed transaction processing) environment and hence you need to define the XA connection to the region as described below using the cicsadd command because using the XAD connection your program will be talking to DB2.Here i am using default database cicstest you can have different database also.

cicsadd -c xad -r $CICSREGION XADdef SwitchLoadFile=cicsxadb2 XAOpen=”cicstest,username,password”

Here XAOpen string is using switcload file cicsxadb2 which is provided with TXSeries and hence you don't need to build it.

Also XAOpen string contains crucial information to be used for making connection with "cicstest" is your database name and "username and passwords" are same as you have set up during database installation.

4) Now just cold start the region "cicscp -v start region test StartType=cold" and you are ready to run your transaction.

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