Monday, October 18, 2010

TXSeries region migration within a machine

Recently I was trying to migrate a region in TXSeries 5.1 version to TXSeries 7.1 version. I found a webpage TXSeries link where the migration steps were clearly documented. So I wanted to write a blog about region migration.

Here in this link, the document also describes about migrating a TXSeries region from version 5.1 to 7.1 on a new machine. If you are migrating a region from TXSeries version 5.1 to 7.1 on a same machine, only step you would need to follow is to run the cicsmigrate command (Step 5 in the TXSeries link).

Run the command cicsmigrate on the region to create the upgrade script and then execute the generated upgrade script.

a) Create an upgrade script as follows:

# install_dir/bin/cicsmigrate -g script_name -o log_filename -r region_name


install_dir is the directory where CICS is installed.

script_name is the full path name of the upgrade script. If we open this script file, we will be able to see CICS commands in this script. These CICS commands would actually migrate the region to TXSeries 7.1 version.

log_filename is the log file, that logs the information about the migration.

region_name is the region that needs to be migrated.

b) Run the upgrade script by entering the following command.

# ksh script_name


script_name is full path name of the upgrade script.

When this script has run, the region has been migrated to the latest version level.

Further information on migration to TXSeries 7.1 can be found here:

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