Thursday, October 28, 2010

Rational Host Access Transformation Services(HATS) over TXSeries: Modernizing traditional

HATS transform the legacy 3270 and 5250 green screens into intuitive and rich web
applications which can be furthur exposed as WebServices. HATS does not only transform
applications into Web applications but they can be used to create mobile applications as
well.BMS maps functionality of TXSeries helps in creating applications in the form of these
legacy 3270 terminals. Rational HATS can be used to convert these into Webpages and hence
make these applications more user friendly.In order to make this conversion happen, consider we have a BMS map with certain input and output fields and which has been deployed over TXSeries.

In HATS, on creation of the new project one has to enter parameters like hostname, port number, Region name, TD entry etc to connect to the particular program and BMS map deployed in the TX region. Then using creation of macros and deploying them over the server the conversion of a 3270 terminal to a Webpage happens.
These webpages can be furthur tweeked and changes can be made in the properties to make them more interactive. Also a wsdl file gets created in the process which can then be used to create WebServices.
The use of green screens is no more appealing to people so on converting them to Webpages which is the trend of today, old applications can be converted with no code change.


  1. The WSDL only gets created if you create a web service. You must first create a macro. Then create an integration object (which is a Java wrapper around the macro), then you create the web service from the Integration Object. The macro is the hardest part. Wizards take care of the Integration Object and Web Service.


  2. Yes, WSDL gets created only after creating a Web Service. The process is as described by you only. First creating a macro followed by Integration object which can then be converted into a web service.
    As for macro it is a tough job until you get a hang of how things are going about.