Wednesday, October 27, 2010

TXSeries messages and codes ERZxxxxxx

Most of the time we are concerned about our application logic and we only check that our TXSeries transaction is running fine without any abend. We see many CICS message(ERZxxxxxx), but do we know what exactly the message is reporting us ??
Each CICS message has a significance attached to it. CICS Messages being displayed in TXSeries logs (like console, CSMT.out, CCIN.out etc) files are of format ERZxxxxxx.

Usually these CICS messages are of 3 types

1) Information messages: CICS Information messages are meant for user information purpose only. CICS Information message are of type ‘ERZxxxxxxI’. For example CICS message 'ERZ096176I'.

2) Warning message: CICS Warning messages are of format ‘ERZxxxxxxW’.CICS warning message indicate that some issue was seen while processing, but the transaction would continue execution. For example, CICS message 'ERZ004072W'.

3) Error message: CICS Error messages are of format 'ERZxxxxxxE'. CICS Error message indicates an abnormal condition while executing transaction. Usually transaction force purge or any abnormal condition in transaction leads to transaction being terminated by printing an error message in TXSeries log files. For example CICS message 'ERZ010014E'.

A CICS tool 'cicserr' provides information about CICS message codes.

cicserr can be used as cicserr [message_code].

For example
#cicserr ERZ096176I
ERZ096176I The Version is 'buffer!'
This message prints CICS Version information
System action:
User response:

User response for the Information message would be nothing, as this message specific information. CICS users can check the 'User response' for warning and error messages and perform the necessary actions to debug the message.

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